What is the application process like?

Whether applying for our Data Science or Web Development programs, our application process is very similar.

You can expect it to take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks from the moment you apply to the moment you are registered into the program. You can see the full breakdown and timeline below.

1. Application Form

You can submit your application form online by filling out this form. It’s better to include more details, than not enough. Tell us why you want to take this course and what your goals are. Remember, motivation is the most important factor for us. Don’t forget to triple check for grammar and spelling mistakes. 

2. Interview

After we review your application, our Learning Advisor will reach out to schedule an interview with you. We will use this as an opportunity to get to know you better, learn about your goals, and make sure your expectations align with what our course can offer you. We'll also help you secure any financing you need (See Step 2A) or offer you more practice in case we don't feel you're quite ready yet (See Step 2B).

Time Expected: 1-2 business days to receive email to book interview; 1-2 weeks to get interview

A. Secure Financing

In your interview we will discuss what your payment options are and provide you with information on how to apply for funding, a line of credit or PRATIC. Most financial institutions require an Acceptance Letter which we will send to you after the interview (upon your acceptance).

Time Expected: A few days to a few weeks depending on the financial institution; we will follow up with you regularly.

B. Admissions Challenge

We want to make sure students are fully ready to join the course. Sometimes our Learning Advisor may feel that you need a little bit of extra practice before finalizing your acceptance. We'll send you a coding challenge to complete as part of your admissions.

Time Expected: 3-7 days to complete the challenge; 1-2 business days for us to review the challenge and get back to you.

3. Registration Form

Once you've had your interview, secured any necessary funding and/or completed your challenge, you will receive an official response from our team. If you have been accepted, we'll send you a Registration Form to be completed in order for us to officially register you into the program. This registration form acts as a contract - read the terms and conditions of the form carefully!

Time Expected: 1 business day to send you the form; 2-3 business days to process the form

4. Pay Deposit

Once you are registered you'll receive a confirmation email from us containing your Student ID and instructions on how to create your MyConcordia login credentials. That registration email will also contain vital information on how to pay your deposit. Your deposit is due 1 week after receiving your confirmation email - if we don't receive your deposit within a week, your spot in the program will no longer be secured. Once your deposit is paid, you are officially registered in the program and you are a Concordia Bootcamps Student! The next email you'll receive from us will be about a week before your course starts with information on how to prepare and set up to begin your course!

Time Expected: One week MAX to pay your deposit

If you do the challenge quickly, don't require external financing and pay your deposit immediately, the process can take as little as 10 days!