Is Concordia Bootcamps a part of Concordia University?

Yes, Concordia Bootcamps is a part of Concordia's school of continuing education.

If you're interested in the long form answer, here it is! In 2014, Montreal's first coding bootcamp emerged - and went by the name of DecodeMTL. Here's a picture of Ziad Saab and Kevin Khoury - the company's founders.

DecodeMTL Founders

Several years and hundreds of graduates later - DecodeMTL formed a partnership with Concordia's School of Continuing Education to turn its bootcamps into official Concordia Diploma programs.

To this day, DecodeMTL (which has since re-branded as Journey Education) is partnered with Concordia University to run its bootcamps.

This means that as a student, you'll have all of the benefits of being a part of one of Canada's largest universities (tax credits, alumni status, credibility, student perks) while getting an education from a team of people who spent most of their professional lives working in tech companies.